How To Beat All Of The Fiendish Five PS2

Level 1: Frog

This guy is quite easy. first he will eat a fly and get fat, and try to squish you. 
right before he does move to the other side of the platform. then he will get thin. 
hit him. when the platforms blink red, they are going to sink.

Level 2: Bulldog

Go around and hit the mirrours. they will turn over. when they are all turned over, 
the light will refelct on the dog. be careful, he has a machine gun

Level 3: Alligater

All you do is hit the buttons that she shows in the right speed. It gets faster, and 

Level 4: Giant Panda

He will shoot fireworks at you, dodge them while going toward him. then he will do 
some Kung Fu on you and dogde that. Easy as pie.

Level 5: Clockwerk

Dogde his fire, while hiting the lighted up area. 

that's about all it takes. so long!