Class Suggestions Xbox 360

     How Do I Get a New Class Slot?
Get to level 70 and then Prestige.

     What is a Good Running Class?
Perks: Marathon, Lightweight, Commando (Pro Recommended)
Weapons: Any Sub-Machinegun, Any Pistol (M9 Recommended) with tactical knife
Equipment: Doesn't really matter, throwing knife recommended
Special Grenade: Stun
Deathstreak: No preference

     What is a Good Sniper Class?
Perks: Sleight of hand, Cold Blooded (Pro Recommended), Steady Aim (Pro 
Weapons: Intervention with FMJ, Shotgun of choice
Equipment: Tactical Insertion or Claymore
Special Grenade: Smoke
Deathstreak: Final Stand

     What is a Good Close Range Class?
Perks: Marathon, Lightweight, Commando
Weapons: Riot Shield, M9 Akimbo or Tactical Knife
Equipment: Throwing Knife
Special Grenade: Stun
Deathstreak: Martyrdom

     What is Your Recommended Class for Deathmatch?
Perks: Bling or Marathon, Stopping Power, Commando
Weapons: Any assault rifle with good accuracy with a holographic or red dot 
sight and a shotgun or pistol. (M9)
Equipment: Semtex
Special Grenade: Flash Grenade
Deathstreak: Final Stand or Martyrdom